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Broadcast Network Platform System

World Wide Broadcast Network Platform System – Patented and Patents Pending (WWBN®) is a powerful base platform for creating indexing, maintaining, and distributing content to broadcast networks and make those broadcast networks organized, secure, and accessible.

The system makes your content available across any device using three built in tools: Search, Directory, and BANS (Broadcast Allocation Node System) this enables users to quickly and easily extract, analyze and interact with all your media elements (websites, video, images, etc..)

Broadcast Allocation Node System

BANS provide a new method of accessing data. In particular, an optional numerical index system allows a user to input a number assigned to a broadcast network and enable the user to drill down the network's station(s) /channel(s) /program(s) search results that are categorized and sub categorized by subject matter to allow the searcher to quickly locate potential video content or Web sites of interest.


We provide companies with new business models that evolve around the delivery of video and other digital assets complementing their existing business offerings and adding to their revenues. These new ways of doing business include Turnkey application-integration with capabilities for managing, auditing, and disseminating digital content.

The WWBN Ecosystem enables companies who provide goods and services of value to customers, who are themselves members of the ecosystem to thrive.

Designed To Meet Your Specific Needs

Modular Design

The modular design allows you to get exactly the solution that addresses your needs today, while ensuring that your Media Broadcast Network implementation can grow and expand with you as your needs evolve.


With over 20 years experience in network integrations, WWBN was designed with this goal in mind, bringing companies together through technology. Our integrators are highly experienced and can help companies integrate with each other in many ways.

Turn-Key Design.

The platform's customer-friendly and convenient interface essentially puts all the tools you need for keeping up with your media network right in your hands. Seriously, leveraging your titles and video ads couldn't be made any easier.