AVideo constitutes "Audio Video Platform"

Create Your Own Audio Video Channel

AVideo Platform Online is provided as a (SaaS) Software as a Service audio and video platform online at AVideo.com and in your favorite app store. AVideo is for user, business, and government generated content. It is designed to provide broadcast channels with programming capabilities and everything a channel needs to take their media content to the next level. Create programs, series, stream content, and livecast to your targeted audiences. AVideo provides a worldwide CDN, management, curation, delivery and analytics to help you deliver media experiences to audiences anywhere in the world. AVideo works well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes.

Types of Channels

UGC Channels (User-Generated-Content) - Entertainment Channels - Business Channels - Government Channels

AVideo For Users

User-Generated content is the most popular mode of content distributed over the Internet via social networks and video sharing sites. We provide new solutions to monetize, engage audiences and expand your reach through the tools provided in the AVideo Platform. User Generated Content is defined as any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors or, using a better term, fans. Users are encouraged to share a bit of themselves with the brands they are using or shopping for.

AVideo For Business

It is common knowledge that video is now more important than ever in the enterprise. Whether it\'s for learning and training, employee communication and collaboration, knowledge sharing, marketing, or other purposes – VIDEO WORKS!. In a world with dispersed workforces and a wide range of devices and systems, video promotes creativity, collaboration, and knowledge retention. See how easy it is to set up a full hub for all the live and on-demand video in your organization.

AVideo For Government

Create engaging government videos that people will love. Videos from government agencies featuring tips on protecting yourself from hackers and scammers, safeguarding your information, and standing up to cyber-bullying, policies, military, recruiting, careers, and more. We believe that Government should be one of the most active broadcasters and educators that leverage the power of video over the Internet, this includes local, state and country government agencies. This includes political videos, whether you’re running for president of the world, a seat on your local council, congress or to be a senator, video can change the face of your campaign.

Download AVideo App for your AVideo.com Channel

Download the AVideo App, login and start streaming and live casting right away straight to your AVideo.com Channel.

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    Start Streaming Live to your AVideo.com Channel right from your mobile devices.

  • Live Chat

    AVideo Channels let you live chat while live casting for live communication with audiences!

  • Live Stream

    This app gives people the ability to live stream directly from their phones!

  • Full Integration

    Basically almost all the features of your AVideo Platform will also reflect in the mobile app!

Want more than one channel? Get your own audio video platform at Platform.AVideo.com